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Thallium Scan for Coronary Artery Diseases

Exercise stress testing has been the standard examination in the diagnosis of coronary artery diseases. During exercise, myocardial blood flow increases to meet…
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Why Coronary Calcium Scan is Vital

Caring for the heart Heart scans or coronary calcium scans, are used to provide images of the arteries of the heart, or coronary…
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ct scan

Hike in CT Scans due to High Prescription Rates

“Clinical examination is a fading art” this statement is true regarding the present scenario of medical practice. So much hike in the number…
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congenital heart disease

Detecting Congenital Heart Disease in Kids

Congenital heart disease is one of the main defects found in the new-born babies. These are caused by the abnormal development of heart…
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Safety of Myocardial Perfusion (MP) Scan

Myocardial perfusion scan or imaging is an imaging technique used to evaluate the blood flow to the myocardium (muscle of the heart) using…
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sudden cardiac arrest

Predicting Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA)

Increase in the number of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) cases is of major concern now. Studies show that nearly thousand people die per day…
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Smart Telecardiology in North Carolina

Smart Telecardiology is now equipped to offer its Telecardiology services in the state of North Carolina. With experienced cardiologists and physicians licensed in…
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Smart Telecardiology in Texas

Smart Telecardiology now offers its telecardiology service in Texas, USA. It recently acquired service of cardiologists who are licensed to practice in the…
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telecardiology advantages

Advantages of Telecardiology – Online Cardiac Studies Reporting

Telecardiology is effectively telemedicine administered by cardiologists. Cardiac medical information is exchanged from one site to another via modern electronic communication means for…
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ecg device

A new ECG Device from Medtronic

Recently, Physio-Control, which is a subsidiary of Medtronic, launched ReadyLink 12-Lead ECG device, which is capable of providing improved care for patients who…
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