Day/Night Telecardiology Service

Routine Reporting | Sub-Specialty Reading | Second Opinions | Backlog Reporting

Routine Reporting

We provide online interpretation/reading and reporting of all cardiac diagnostic and imaging modalities. Currently we report echocardiograms, ECGs, holter monitors, event monitors, stress tests, cardiac nuclear scans, cardiac MRI/CT etc. 

Our reporting team consists of well qualified and experienced cardiologists from India offering accurate and detailed reports. Reports are delivered with TAT starting from 4 hours. 

Sub-Specialty Reading

We offer hospitals and imaging practices across the world access to sub-specialty expertise in a wide range of cardiac modalities. Our cardiologists/radiologists from USA, UK, Germany, Australia and India offer their service in interpreting sub-specialty and difficult cases arriving in your practices. And also help you to build relations with expert sub-specialists.

We offer our sub-specialty services in Cardiac CT, Cardiac MRI and Nuclear Cardiac Scans. 

Second Opinion

Second Opinion On Cardiac Studies

Our Telecardiology Team peer review an already reported cardiac studies such as echocardiograms, ECG/EKGs, vascular ultrasound studies, coronary angiograms etc and provide a second report. This is useful to ensure proper diagnosis.

Second Opinion On Cardiac Reports/Symptoms

Our Cardiologists will review the medical reports along with current symptoms, current medication and clinical history and provide a second opinion on the treatment plan.

Backlog and Overflow Reporting

Our team of cardiologists spread across the globe can assist you when your cardiology practice face situations like unexpected overflow of studies or when a large number of studies pile up over a period of time. We can allocate as many cardiologists according to your requirement and number of studies to deliver reports with quick turnaround time. 

This service is also helpful when your cardiologists go for vacation or when there is unavailability of cardiologits during weekends. 

We can come up with optimum solutions to match your requirement and raise your level of service to your patients. 

ECG/EKG Reporting

Online reading and interpretation of Electrocardiogram (EKG/ECG) studies.

Echocardiogram Reporting

Online reading and interpretation of echocardiogram studies. 

Holter Reporting

Online reading and interpretation of Holter/Event Monitor studies.

TMT/Stress Test Reporting

Online reading and interpretation of Tread Mill Test (TMT)/Stress Tests.

Cardiac CT/MRI Reporting

Online reading and interpretation of Cardiac CT/MRI examinations. 

Carotid Doppler Reporting

Online reading and interpretation of Carotid Doppler studies. 

Stress Echocardiogram Reporting

Online reading and interpretation of Stress Echocardiogram studies.

Cardiac Nuclear Scans Reporting

Online reading and interpretation of Cardiac Nuclear scans. 

Coronary Angiogram Reporting

Online reading and interpretation of Coronary Angiogram studies.  

Expert Cardiologists

Group of cardiologists from across the globe providing quality reading services. 

Affordable Pricing

Most affordable telecardiology service without compromising on quality.

Quick Turnaround Time

Reports delivered within 4-24 hours depending on client requirements.

Comprehensive Reports

Very detailed reports covering all aspects of your study prepared by cardiologists.

Follow up Questions

All your prior questions and follow up questions are answered at your satisfaction.

Quality Control Protocol

Standard peer review process - accuracy close to 99.5%.

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