The Future of Robotic Echocardiography

  • February 19, 2020
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Ultrasonography is an amazingly helpful investigative device. Among its various benefits are:

  1. Its transportability permitting it to be carried out at the bedside
  2. The fact that it is devoid of ionizing radiations
  3. It supplies forceful information

The declining prices of ultrasound gadgets have enabled them to be practically transported in your pocket.

A qualified Sonographer can integrate the clinical judgments with the results of Sonography and recognize the oddities on the basis of which any further investigation could be carried out by the relevant Consultant. However, the reality is that it requires many years of training plus much experience to become skilled at this valuable expertise called Sonography. This is vital because those who receive not as much of training are liable to overlook many decisive anomalies for sure.

A project using robot-assisted echocardiography and videoconferencing proved shortening of the time required by patients with alleged heart failure (who lived in countryside) to receive consultations with the Cardiologist. Kurt Boman of Umea University Sweden and equals developed an approach to offer treatment for Senior citizens in distant regions who needed sophisticated analysis and management. They registered 38 patients with heart failure in a countryside area. All of them were in need of Specialist care; 19 amongst them received imaging assisted by robots and ensued by videoconference with a Cardiologist, a Sonographer, the patient and a general practitioner. The other 19 went through conventional care. The conclusion was that the total time was much shorter in case of the first group.

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