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Leading Role of Telecardiology in Healthcare Practices

Telecardiology is an oldest and well developed form of telemedicine. Telecardiology practices offer interpretations of echocardiogram, electrocardiogram, and images. It also provides a…
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Telecardiology drives Healthcare Delivery

Telecardiology is changing the health care landscape, in a good way. Through real-time image streaming, live video conferencing and other technologies, clinicians are…
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Smart Telecardiology in Texas

Smart Telecardiology now offers its telecardiology service in Texas, USA. It recently acquired service of cardiologists who are licensed to practice in the…
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telecardiology advantages

Advantages of Telecardiology – Online Cardiac Studies Reporting

Telecardiology is effectively telemedicine administered by cardiologists. Cardiac medical information is exchanged from one site to another via modern electronic communication means for…
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