Samsung WS80A Ultrasound for Women

  • November 7, 2019
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Samsung Electronics America has launched the Samsung WS80A with best presentation package, its most important ultrasound product for women’s healthcare premeditated to modernize exam workflows and convey outstanding image precision. This high resolution premium system presents superior diagnostic potential in addition to stretched out 5D features jointly with a new 5D Heart application.

The Samsung WS80A with Elite performance package incorporates Samsung’s newest novelties, together with an extended set of 5D workflow applications. Given that the screening and identification of congenital heart disease continues to be a vital trial for the Specialists in the field of Sonography as well as the Physicians, the Samsung WS80A with Elite’s 5D Heart device creates nine average fetal cardiac pictures concurrently in a single model, presenting an impulsive workflow that can make straightforward assessment of the fetal heart.

Making the most of Fetal Intelligent Navigation Echocardiography, 5D Heart can help perk up the presentation of fetal echocardiography by restriction of the examination time, making available the nine standard cardiac planes which are compulsory to scrutinize the fetal heart carefully. 

The WS80A with Elite performance package combines the following:

  1. 5D Heart 
  2. 5D Central Nervous System 
  3. 5D Follicle.

      The Samsung WS80A with Elite performance package also illustrates enhanced quality of image through S-Vue Transducer technology presenting wider bandwidth and advanced sensitivity. The convex 3D S-Vue transducer presents superior presentation, in a handy, light-weight and more comfy pattern. The new system includes a 23-inch wide LED screen to present vivacious color illustrations as well as improved screening of ultrasound images.

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