Coronary Angiography with CT Scan Explained

  • March 27, 2020
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What is coronary angiography using CT scan?

Currently we have modern way to study within the cardiovascular system without interference by catheter. (CTCA) procedure called modern imaging of the coronary arteries using CT scans. This is thanks to high-speed imaging scans which allow filming a full heart within a few beats.

The use of multi-section CT scans before operations that aims to expand coronary arteries leads to provide sufficient information about the topography of the artery after the blockage and debris included, and branches after coronary artery occlusion, has led to increased rates of success of the expansion of chronic blockages of the coronary arteries.

In another search of the comparison between the X-multiple sections and scanning pinnacles on the heart muscle in patients complaining of chest pain, the results showed superiority of the use of radiation multiple sections on the survey peaks in the diagnosis of the different causes of chest pain that occurs as a result of the diseases may be fatal to the  patients, such as stenosis of coronary arteries and co-artication of the aorta and pulmonary artery clots, leading to accelerate proper diagnosis and reduced patient survival periods in hospital and reduce treatment costs.

Using screening CT scan of the coronary blood vessels is recommended for patients who have:

  1. Genetic disorders in the coronary arteries.
  2. The presence of low or moderate probability of injury, coronary heart disease, including patients who have chest pain, and the results of the lab and ECG are natural or undetermined

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