ScottCare’s ECG recorder, dubbed as the novi patch Holter monitor is to be released in the United States soon. This ECG recorder has a 2channel recording procedure and has no wire leads with to complicate the ECG recording process. 

This innovative device is meant for ECG monitoring and has a battery life of up to 72 hours. It consists of a disposable patch electrode that starts recording automatically the moment it is stuck onto the sternum and is programmed to switch off only when it is removed, eliminating the need to start and stop the device. ). It is loaded with HolterCare software. The device is extremely handy and easy to carry around on account of its light weight (15 grams only). The dimensions of the device are 1.89” x 1.58” x .31”. Being completely water proof, it can be used while doing other daily life activities without having to spare extra time. The built-in battery lasts quite long and can be recharged easily. The device has simplified the ECG recording process to a great extent. 

You can monitor your ECG on the go. Clinicians can use it even in ambulatory patients to get their ECG records for analysis of their condition.
Novi patch Holter monitor has opened up new gates of research for the prevention of heart diseases. It can also be used for timely diagnosis and prompt management of any sort of abnormal patterns of heart’s electrical activity. ScottCare has announced this technology to hit the American markets really soon.