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SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch3

A new era of technology for SAMSUNG wearables

There has been a demand from Samsung watch wearers to add the feature of electrocardiogram (ECG) in the Samsung watches, to fulfill this…
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ECG in Smart Watch

Feature of accurate assessment of ECG in smartwatches is gaining lot of approval and importance

Smartwatches are becoming popular day by day with their various apps for different health monitoring features, one such revolutionary feature is electrocardiogram (ECG)…
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AI is quicker and more accurate than humans in analyzing heart scans

According to a study conducted by researchers from UC San Francisco, advanced machine learning is faster, more accurate and more effective than board-certified…
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Simple EKG can determine whether patient has depression or bipolar disorder

According to a new study researchers found that a simple 15 minute electrocardiogram could help a physician to determine whether a patient has…
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