Japanese scientists found a new AI system which may help to detect abnormalities in fetal hearts. This technology may help to detect heart problems quickly and accurately than a medical professional. 

In their research they found most common heart defects occurs in infants are congenital heart defects. This defects involve abnormalities of the atrium, ventricle, valves or blood vessel connections. By diagnosing heart problems before baby birth helps to begin the treatment soon after birth.

For developing the current system researchers used normal heart images to annotate correct positions of 18 different parts of the heart and peripheral organs and developed a novel “Fetal Heart Screening System” which may allow automatic detection of heart abnormalities.

The procedure of the system is fast and can be performed in real-time. It is accurate and which may help to generate results quickly. 

One of the researcher in RIKEN AIP, Masaaki Komatsu  said, “ We hope that the system will go into widespread use by means of the successful cooperation clinicians and the company”.

A group of researchers are now planning to conduct clinical trials in Japan, by adding  a larger number of fetal ultrasound images which may allow AI to learn more in order to improve the screening accuracy.