Scientists from American heart association found that too much sleep could increase the risk of heart problems and early death and it also increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

According to Researchers survey people who slept  eight to nine hours  a day had 5 percent increased risk, the people who slept between nine hours or ten hours a day had 17 percent higher risk of heart diseases and those who sleep more than 10 hours a day had 41 percent increased risk of heart diseases. However too little sleep also harmful to heart problems.

The team international author said,“ sleep is essential to human health and people spend about a third of their hours sleeping. It is increasingly regarded as an important lifestyle behaviour that can affect cardiovascular diseases and death”.

In their study Researchers also found that daytime napping helped people who slept under 6 hours per night catch up on their sleep and lower the risk of death or cardiovascular problems associated with out getting enough sleep.