According to new study researchers found that long term breastfeeding may reduces the risk of heart diseases in woman. According to the early findings breastfeeding can help to lose pregnancy weight faster and it also help to reduce the risk of postpartum depression and the risk of certain cancers.

Researchers in their new study found  that breastfeeding reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease  and in their study researchers assessed heart and blood vessel health in postmenopausal women along with their breastfeeding history. After adjusting for other factors that affect heart health such as body weight, age, cholesterol levels and smoking habits, the researchers concluded that women who had breastfed had significantly lower levels of heart disease and heart disease risk factors.

One of the professor from the University of Athens Mr. Lambrinoudaki said, “These findings indicate that breastfeeding lowers the risk of heart disease in women.

The team are now investigating the molecular mechanisms of how prolactin affects blood sugar, which is a major risk factor for heart disease, a leading cause of death among women worldwide.