According to the new study from the University of California San-Francisco, the researchers found that risk of cardiovascular disease is high when the heart artery walls contains small amount of calcium. 

According to the research people’s from south asia are known to have a high chance of cardiovascular disease, in the survey about 60 percent of cardiovascular disease patients available worldwide. 

In their research, researchers examined 700 patients whose from south asian countries and found that south asian men had the same rates of change in calcification of their artery walls over a five year span. They also develop risk factors such as diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol at a younger age.

One of the professor of UCSF Alka Kanaya, said “The presence and change of coronary artery calcium may be useful for risk prediction in this ethnic population and may better guide the judicious use of statin and other preventive therapies”. 

When compared the rates of calcification differed from men and women. CT scan can detect the early sign of CAC, in which calcium appears in the artery.