According to the new study scientists from Cleveland clinic found that regularly eating red meat increases the risk of heart diseases and cancer. In their study they found that each extra daily serving of processed  red meat is equivalent to one hot dog or two rashers of bacon.

In their research they collected data of 37000 men from Harvard Health professionals and 83000 women from Harvard nurses health study. Atlast after the study researchers found that overall 23,000 deaths happens during the study period including 5000 from cardiovascular disease and 9000 from cancer. 

Eating any kind of red meat increases the chances of dying from heart disease and cancer and also processed red meat increased the risk of heart disease by 21% and cancer death by 16%. 

One of the senior professor of Harvard School of public health, Frank Hu said, “the study provides clear evidence that regular use of red meat especially processed meat contributes substantially to premature death”. The study concluded that lives would be saved if people replaced red meat with health protein sources such as fish, poultry, nuts and legumes.