Telecardiology is effectively telemedicine administered by cardiologists. Cardiac medical information is exchanged from one site to another via modern electronic communication means for examination by the experts and specialists. The sent information can be accessed by the specialists online and they send the reports back to the source site. It helps in quick and accurate diagnosis of diseases, expert and second opinion on complex cases etc.

Some of the well known advantages of Telecardiology Reporting are:

  1. Expert and Second Opinion on complex cases
  2. Provision of after hour services
  3. Vacation coverage for the existing cardiologists.
  4. Ability to handle low volumes without actually hiring a permanent cardiologist.
  5. Bridging the increasing gap between number of medical data and number of cardiologists.
  6. Reduce waiting time for patients. 

Telecardiology can have different forms like

  • Video Conferencing
  • Transmission of Medical Reports, Images, Clips etc. for the purpose of interpretation and reporting.
  • Remote Monitoring