The fundamental type of ECG is known as a 3-lead electrocardiogram since it uses only three electrodes to generate the tracing that is used to estimate the health of the heart. Each of these electrodes has a unique color that conforms to the typical scheme (red, black, and white) fashioned by the American Heart Association. 

In the 5-lead ECG, the supplement of two new leads significantly perks up the perspective that may be decisive to the detection of several kinds of situations. During a comparative research study, it was found that wireless, single-lead real-time Smartphone ECG monitoring perfectly perceives baseline intervals in addition to atrial rate and rhythm, when weighed against the standard 12-lead ECG. The participants of the research study included fit young adults, selected athletes and patients of cardiology clinic. IPhone cases and iPad were used to acquire 30-second lead I ECG waveforms. Right away after getting hold of the Smartphone tracing, standard 12-lead ECGs was acquired. 

Results of the comparative study judged by 2board certified electro physiologists:

In accordance with the research scientists, delay in atrial rate, rhythm, atrioventricular block, and QRS were noticed with corresponding correctness by Smartphone as well as standard ECGs. However, it was found that Smartphone ECG perceives baseline intervals, atrial rate and rhythm and permits screening in miscellaneous populations in a precise manner. Also, ingenious ECG scrutiny by means of computerized discernment and an improved Smartphone application with declaration qualifications are the features that can be easily included in the course.