Making use of an innovative self-contained step by step, set up of operations, ECG record can help establish the location of cardiac disorder in a better and economical way. This innovative method (meant to assist surgeons) could save lives by finding the precise location of heart defects. It permits non-invasive identification of the source of heart problems to permit more effectual therapy.

Presently, it is difficult to identify the exact location of imperfections of heart. Now, researchers have come up with a new algorithm which permits the medical practitioners to find the precise area of distress before any surgery is undertaken. Once created, the algorithm finds out the origin of the heart defects, slashing the total time of surgery for some patients.

Making use of a 3-D computer replica of the human heart, the source of various cardiac problems has been identified correctly in 75 out of 80 mock-ups. This innovative method increases the outcome of the record, making possible the exact diagnosis in a much precise manner. The traditional way to do electrocardiograms does not present adequate information to permit the health experts to touch on the area of trouble.

On account of a considerable progress over the already existing techniques, the usage of this new algorithm ECG map can assist in the identification of the site of cardiac disorder in a manner which is favorable for the patients.

Given that the heart is so complicated, therefore with the current diagnostic technology, it can be hard to accurately determine the exact part which is causing the problem.