Echo Source is an application that aspires to coach the fundamental ideology and system for echocardiography. Generally, Echo Source is well- planned for its purpose and is a great source for anybody who wants to learn echocardiography.

This application commences at an all-purpose Home screen which records the name of the creator of the application – Dr. Rocky Bilhartz, who is a working cardiologist in Texas and is also responsible for other applications associated with cardiology such as ECG Source and Cath source. Soon as you hit over the Index, you are accessible to a long list of subjects prepared largely from a broad outline of echocardiography to progressively more composite pathology. The application is a program which is being utilized across a wide range of areas of expertise and performance. Currently, it is being used by the following:

  1. Trainee doctors to estimate the shortness of breath on effort.
  2.  By anesthesiologists to sort out noisy systolic murmurs.
  3.  By the pulmonologists to find the cause of blown up pulmonary arteries seen on radiographs.

As far as cardiologists, sonologists, trainee doctors, vital-care physicians, and other concerned clinicians are concerned, there are a number of apps available that can help us learn more about this imaging modality, interpret the studies, and communicate with our patients about the results. For those who are associated with the teaching cadre or are in clinical practice, there are several great applications on hand at this time. Some examples are iASE, iMedical Apps, Echocardiography Atlas by Epocrates etc.