Heart arrhythmias or problems with beat of heart (cardiac arrhythmias) take place, when the electrical impulses that harmonize your heartbeats don’t work appropriately, causing your heart to beat too rapidly, too sluggishly or haphazardly.

Heart arrhythmias feel like a quivering or racing heart and may sometimes be meaningless; nevertheless, some heart arrhythmias may prove worrisome now and again and may even cause life-threatening signs and symptoms. Their timely treatment can frequently manage to do away with them.

But is it possible to predict these arrhythmias? Well! In the preceding days, the answer was no but now the answer is definitely YES!
At Galway Hospital, in Ireland, a software tool is presently being used to forecast cardiac proceedings in persons who are at risk of an abrupt cardiac death. This know-how was developed by a Mexican electronic engineer who also developed the step by step procedure for calculations. Not only does the software examines the patient but also creates an ECG.Moreover, it also records fifteen minutes of the heartbeat of the patient. This software was used in the year 2013 to identify and test its precision and the University decided to allow its sole rights so as to enable it to be traded to specific companies.

The software is currently in the process of trial product and marketing. The algorithm sorts out this information, and evaluates through a numerical model in case the patient is at risk of arrhythmia, which is the sign of unexpected cardiac death. When there is less unevenness in the heartbeat of a patient, these points to a problem. Having studied the ECG of many patients with diabetes mellitus and other cardiovascular diseases and heart rate unevenness is very unlike between sick and healthy people. Prior to enduring an arrhythmia, a patient displays particular patterns in addition to the lower changeability in heartbeat. So the advantage of this algorithm is that the doctors are able to foretell whether the patient will have an arrhythmia many hours before it comes about.